Kansas City Wall Bracing

The most common type of structural problem found in the Kansas City area is lateral movement. Lateral movement exists when the foundation wall shifts either at the top, middle, or base. This lateral movement condition usually occurs as a result of poor drainage around the perimeter of the house.

If only minor lateral movement has occurred, the walls can generally be kept stable by installing vertical steel i-beam restraints. Poured concrete walls require that a restraint be installed at 6 ft. intervals. Block and stone foundation walls require that a restraint be installed at 4 ft. intervals.

If major lateral movement has occurred, re-leveling will be required. We excavate the exterior perimeter of the bowed walls. We then raise the house slightly up off the foundation, and straighten the wall back to its original “plumb” position. We then tuck-point all cracks with high-grade hydraulic cement. Next, we coat the wall with a rubber based tar material. When the “tar” dries, we install a sheet drain material along the entire surface. Then, footing drains, gravel, and back-fill. The results are beautiful, straight, dry, and stable foundation walls.