Before & After

The basement wall was bowed in laterally, as much as 12 inches.

We re-leveled, braced and waterproofed it.

It is as good as new, with a 10 years transferable warranty!

This home had settled differentially downward approximately 3 inches.

We installed piers and lifted it back up to it's original position. We then re-graded the perimeter of exterior for proper drainage.

This foundation is just like new, with a tranferable 10 years warranty.

This house has an enormous concrete stoop and stairs leading to the front door. The entire stoop had dropped down and was pulling the foundation footings down with it.

We installed piers and lifted the stoop and footings back to level.

Solid as a rock, with another 10 years warranty.

This is a large house with 10 FT. TALL FOUNDATION WALLS!

We had to excavate 14 ft. deep into the earth in order to pour piers large enough to raise this giant. It wasn't much fun, but it was very satisfying, getting it done!

7 piers, 12 cubic yard of concrete, lots of hard labor payed off! Another happy customer.